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It is very important for a child to undertake regular physical exercise. This will help the child to remain physically and emotionally well. Physical fitness can provide the key to holistic health as well as provide benefits for body shape and function. Over the past few decades, there has been a huge increase in the amount of medical problems being suffered by children. Obesity is one such problem.

This is a condition that has been propagated by the fast food culture and drastic changes in the methods of entertainment of children. Technological advances, such as computer gaming and mobile phones have lead to an decrease in the level of physical activity amongst children in the modern age.

Exercise and children
It is not fair to blame the problems entirely on the children. Kids take their lead from adults, so it is vital for adults to ensure that children realize the importance of getting regular exercise. It is unlikely that children will be able to understand why exercise is physiologically important, so the best way to ensure that kids get enough exercise is to encourage and motivate them to do so.
Children are naturally energetic and active, so they just need a push in the right direction in order to get the requisite amount of exercise. Exercising must be fun for kids. There is not much point in sending children to lift weights or undertake repetitive exercises.
It is not only adults that require exercise. Physical activity should be considered mandatory for those of any age. It should be remembered that exercise is beneficial for everyone. Proper maintenance of the body can lead to an increased happiness, energy, and motivation. Participation in sports or games can also be of great help with regard to the development of social skills.
Exercise can lead to a building up of strength. This helps us to perform routine tasks and play sports. Children can build up strength by throwing balls, picking up weights and doing handstands. Playing soccer and running can help children to develop the leg muscles, something which can reduce the risk of injuries. Stretching is another way in which children can exercise.
Stretching can help body flexibility, which can be greatly beneficial with regard to injury risk, while it can also help with the relaxation of tensed muscles. Exercise is also great for maintaining healthy bones, an ideal weight, and can also help with the proper maintenance of sleeping patterns.

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