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The Importance of Self-Esteem

Self-worth, self-confidence orself-respect are all synonyms of the word mentioned in the title.This word, having so many different names is incredibly important inan everyday life of an individual. Namely, one's self-esteem is hisor her own attitude towards his or her own self. Therefore, peoplemay have high self-esteem, being confident, proud and assured oftheir positive values. On the other hand, people with low self-esteemare usually loners or shy people unable to stand up for themselveswhen it comes to their own lives and their relationships with otherpeople.

Interestingly enough, even though aperson's self-confidence is meant to reflect his or her desire toknow what others think of them, and is influenced by other peoplesignificantly, the key factor to this recognition lies in one's ownself. Thus, every decrease in a person's self-esteem is directlycaused by that very person, even though the outer world may influenceit. All in all, if you are strong-willed and know how to appreciateyourself, you will have no confidence problems. However, if you donot possess these traits, you will likely bury yourself into thedepths of self-despair.

Causes of Low Self-Esteem

Many people feel low about themselvesfor many different reasons. Some are dissatisfied with their physicalappearance and consider them unattractive. Others may haveexperienced some emotional traumas at some points of their lives,resulting in their lack of self-appreciation. Whatever the cause maybe, it needs to be resolved in order for a person to get out ofdespair and learn how to be satisfied with him or herself.

How To Restore One's Self-esteem?

First of all, bear in mind thatself-confidence restoration is a long and troublesome processdemanding a lot of will power and persistence. Some people findencouragement by reading books about their problems, trying to find asolution, and comforted by the fact that there are others in their shoes.This might work for you as well.

Secondly, you need to distance yourselffrom all the negative people around you. Whether they are workcolleagues, friends or some other people. Positive atmosphere givesway to positive attitudes. Thus, spend time with people you like.

Alternatively, you might choosepsychotherapy. This is great for opening yourself to someone andexpressing all your repressed feelings, trying to find solutiontogether with your therapist. Also, you might settle for grouptherapy in case you find comfort in seeing other people strugglingwith the same troubles you are. All in all, through patience,resilience and lifestyle changes you can shed your former weak selfand enjoy life being confident of yourself and your preciousness.

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