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Burning eyes

Many people had problems with burning, itching or just irritated eyes. Sometimes, the feeling is too intense we don’t know what we can do, to ease it and not to harm the eyes.

Burning eyes may also be associated with some other symptoms, including: the redness, severe burning sensation, itching, eye styes, secretion of fluid from the eyes (which aren’t tears), and also swelling of the eyelids.

Causes of the Burning Eyes

There are many possible reasons for this problem. Sometimes, burning sensations in the eyes might be provoked by allergens in the air, such as dust or pollen, or tiny particles of sand, for instance. Other, in fact all types of allergies can also affect your eyes. Whatever the cause of the allergy, it could lead to the burning of the eyes.

Infections of the eye, both bacterial and viral can also provoke eye problems. Pink eye is medical condition caused by conjunctiva inflammation, and could cause eye burn.

Chlorine found in the swimming pool water and other chemical irritants are other possible causes of this medical condition. Even if you don’t see or smell the irritants, they might affect your eyes. Consider the vicinity of some industrial facilities (chemical plants and similar) when thinking about your eye problems.

Air pollutants, like smog and smoke may be the reason behind serious eye problems and cause irritation and burning.

People who wear eyeglasses and read a lot may found them being the cause of eye irritation, too.

How to Treat Burning Eyes

Cold water is known to be very helpful. Wet a clean cloth and leave it on your eyes for some time. To cool the eyes, close them and wash your face with cold water. It will help to ease the itching and burning, and also to cool down the eyes.

Rose water is another solution. Spray some of it to cotton puffs and apply them to the eyelids. It is said to cool down and relax the eyes.

Freshly squeezed juice of the aloe vera can also be applied to the eyes to relieve them. Place it directly onto the eyes or use a cloth to transfer the liquid.

If the cause of eye problem is an allergic reaction, treat the allergy and stop using the products that contain the allergen.

Make some elderberry blossom or chamomile tea, cool it and then wash your eyes with it. Burning eyes should be less uncomfortable after these treatments.

Ophthalmologist may prescribe artificial tears or eye drops, to relieve the discomfort in the eyes.

Some suggest using the mixture of ground onion, poppy and black pepper seeds in a half of a cup of milk or warm lavender oil compresses and application to the eyes. Be aware that some of these substances might worsen the eye irritation.

Prevent the Problem

Eat carrots Wear sunglassesUse eye-safe cosmeticsRelax your eyes often if you read, use computer or watch TV a lot

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