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Pink Eye

This problem, also known by the name conjunctivitis, is connected with the conjunctive irritation or infection. The conjunctiva is a transparent membrane between the white of the eyes and the eyelid. This problem is most known by the white spots produced on the eye and these spots are caused by the blood vessel inflammation.

The most common symptoms, which are created due to the pink eye, include eye redness, discharge, light sensitivity, vision problems, and itchiness. Also, a crust may be created because of the discharge. When we talk about the causes, bacterial and viral infections are the two most common ones. If the problem is caused by the bacterial infection, discharge will be thick and yellow green, but if the cause is a viral infection, discharge will be more watery.

Other causes include exposure to the dust, smoke or chemicals and some seasonal allergies. If the problem in question is present, eyes should be washed and the visit to the doctor is a necessity. The visit may not be needed when certain causes are present, but if the problem is caused by the bacterial infection, antibiotics will be needed. Those who use contact lenses need to be extra careful.


You can use a soaked clean cloth to clean the eyelids, while cool water is advised if the problem is caused by an allergy. One treatment that is not yet tested properly is an herb called eyebright. This herb has anti-inflammatory properties and it has been in use for many decades in the past by the common people. The use of this herb can help with the conjunctivitis problems caused by physical irritation, pollution exposure, allergy or cold.

You can also make a tea from a herb called chamomile and put this tea on the eye, but make sure to only use it when the tea is cold and not hot or warm. Remember that treatment of the problem must be swift, since it is very contagious. If you have the problem, do not share towels or pillows along the treatment, and wash hands more often in order to reduce the chances of transition.

We will give you several home remedies to make. Make eyewash by steeping 1 teaspoon of chamomile in one cup of water. Other eyewash can be made from boiled fennel seeds or elderberry blossoms. Probably one of the best remedy is honey and you can put it dissolved or pure on the affected eyes. Because of the astringent abilities, potato can be used. Use slices that need to be put on the location for twenty minutes. This remedy is very effective.

Other good remedies are turmeric solution (mix one cup of boiled water and 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder), poultice application, Aloe Vera juice, powdered barberry or bark root tea and boric acid (made by one tablespoon of boric acid and one quart of boiled water). All of the mentioned remedies need to be used as eyewash or compress.

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