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A Side-effect of Crying

Almost every time we cry, our eyes become puffy afterwards. Actually, it is not the eyes that change, but the skin around them. This happens due to the fact that our tears contain sodium, which makes the skin areas swollen. Thus, it is always visible when we were crying and we often cannot escape being questioned about it by other people. It takes about two hours and more in order for the puffiness to disappear and your eyes to turn normal again. During this period, the sodium levels will get flushed out and your skin will return to normal. However, this will not take place if you cried yourself to sleep. Then, your eyelids and the skin around your eyes will not move, remaining puffy even in the morning. Time is the only medicine in this case. Nevertheless, there are several things you can do to shorten the timespan necessary for your eyes to become less puffy or not puffy at all.

How To Deal With Puffy Eyes after Crying?

Although in theory, using cosmetic creams and moisturizers might help, as well as taking certain medications, the truth is your eyes will stop being puffy before all of these methods have any effects. What can be of assistance is increasing the amount of water you are consuming. This will make it easier for you to flush out the cause of the puffiness in your eyes quicker.

Another method involves sleeping, but only after the puffiness of your eyes has already reduced significantly. Having a good night sleep under these circumstances will help your eyes regenerate and restore their freshness.

Finally, another great way of dealing with puffy eyes is placing slices of cucumbers or potatoes on your eyelids. These vegetables will reduce the puffiness significantly while, at the same time relieving you of pain often involved in the process. Alternatively, you might use tea bags for the same effect, just make sure you had them immersed in warm water beforehand.

Additionally, applying cold cosmetic products or ice cubes wrapped in cloth can reduce the swelling and, therefore, the overall effect of puffy eyes. Keeping egg whites on your troublesome skin parts can make them more firm and tight, removing the puffiness as well.

As a last resort, you might consider putting makeup on in order to cover the puffiness and make it more or less invisible.

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