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HomeRemedies for Eye Infections

Thereare a few different types of eye infection, including sties on theeyelid, pinkeye (conjunctivitis) and infections that arise fromallergic reactions. Chlorinated water can sometimes irritate theeyes, as can foreign objects small enough to get stuck under theeyelid, such as dust particles, eyelashes or clothing fibres. Hereare some remedies for these afflictions that can be prepared at home.

Stiesare quite common, but luckily there are quite a few ways to help healthem quickly. A warm compress is very beneficial in treating a sty,as it relieves the swelling. A tea bag left in warm water for a whilecan also perform the same function. Heating up a ball of cotton andapplying it directly to the sty will help too. Boil acacia leaves insome water for five minutes and soak a cloth in this solution to makea compress. Warming some guava leaves wrapped in a damp cloth alsomakes for a handy compress.

Thesemethods work because they improve the blood circulation in the skinaround the sty, speeding the rate at which the sty drains out.

Variouseye washes can also help with healing eye infections. Aloe vera juiceapplied directly to a sty itself will aid in natural healing. Othereye washes can be made from a variety of materials. A spoonful ofcoriander seeds boiled in some water can make an excellent eye washafter sifting the resulting solution to get rid of the solidparticles. One teaspoon of dried eyebright herb mixed with a pint ofboiled water and then cooled will also make a soothing eyewash.


Manyof the remedies for sties can also be used for conjunctivitis, morecommonly known as pinkeye. One odd, but effective method is asolution made from jasmine flowers. Add several flowers to a jar ofdistilled water, cover the jar and leave it to soak for a night.Using an eye dropper or by soaking a cloth, drip a little of thewater into the eyes 3 times per day until the irritation has receded.Honey is another natural material that can do wonders, eitherdirectly or by making a diluted honey eyewash (3 tablespoons of honeyinto 2 cups of water, boiled). A tea made from elderberry blossomscan also be used as an eyewash to soothe pinkeye or to help wash outforeign particles.

Naturally,doctor's advice supersedes these remedies. The remedies presentedhere may help relieve eye irritation in the short term, but problemsof this kind that last longer than a week or so might require medicalattention.

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