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Characteristics of Dry, Scaly Eyelids

Suffering from dry, scaly eyelids can a problem that interferes with normal functioning andcauses irritation on the outer surface of your eyes. This skinproblem is triggered by some kind of an allergy which, again, may becaused by the exposure of your eyelids to certain chemicals inshampoos, soaps, make-up and other cosmetic products, which act likeallergens. One of the most common reasons behind this problem iseyelid dermatitis, even though seborrheic dermatitis, blepharitis oratopic dermatitis can be the underlying causes as well. All in all,proper treatment is necessary for getting rid of this problem, and,before this is possible, you need to know how to recognize the causeby noticing the right symptoms of dry, scaly eyelids.

The Symptoms

Despite the predictable two we havementioned in the name of this skin problem itself, the skin on theeyelids may undergo discoloration or may become flaky. Also,swelling, redness and pain may be present too. All these symptoms mayor may not appear. Different combinations of them are possible aswell.

Possible Treatment

First and foremost, you need tocompensate for the lost moisture of your eyelid skin. Nevertheless,you should not use just any kind of moisturizers. Rather, you shouldopt for those which suit your type of skin the best. Then, in orderto stop this condition from appearing, you need to know what iscausing it in the first place. In order to discover this, you may paya dermatologist a visit. Then, after establishing a proper diagnosis,your doctor will prescribe the best treatment and suggest whichcosmetic products you should avoid in the future. Applying a warmcompress for about 15 minutes can prove to be quite soothing for theirritating eyes, helping you remove the flakes easier afterwards.

Alternatively, you might dissolve 3drops of lavender oil in a cup of warm water. Then, you are to soaktwo cotton balls in it, squeeze them to remove excessive liquid and,finally, place them on the eyelids for a while. Also, black tea is agood choice, applied either the same way, or by placing tea bags onthe eyelids. Just be careful not to let the lavender oil reach theinside of your eyes. Daily application of this type of treatment canresult in the regeneration of the lost moisture in your eyes.

Finally, take good care of yourpersonal hygiene, use skin products suitable for your skin type, eatwell and healthy, drinking sufficient amounts of water regularly. Allthis can prevent scaly, dry eyelids from ever appearing.

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