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Pinkeye or conjunctivitis is the inflammation and swellingof the inner part of the eyelid and the white of the eye. It can occur quitefrequently and it isn’t very serious since it doesn’t require medical attentionand it is easily treatable at home.

Apart from the swelling and redness of some symptoms includes tearing up and indistinct discomfort in the eye, itching and burning andsensitivity to the light.

It is usually caused by insufficient fluids in the eye, forexample due to wind or sun, viral and bacterial infections, allergies, aswell as some kind of chemicals or smoke.

Pinkeye caused by viruses or bacteria is usually dueinadequate hygiene for instance hands which are not thoroughly washed willproduce pinkeye once in touch with the eyes. Viral conjunctivitis spreads quiteeasily and quickly and it is best to avoid contact with others until it passes which will not last but a few days. There are no antibiotics used for this typeof conjunctivitis and one should simply wait for it to pass on its own.However, there are some home remedies which could relieve the discomfort.

Bacterial conjunctivitis on the other hand it is treated withantibiotics.

Although pinkeye may not be serious per se, there could besome underlying conditions which could worsen it. Such is any condition whichaffects the immune system and disables it to fight the infection impairedvision or the so-called red eye, which is a similar to pinkeye, exceptthat it represents a wider term which includes many other causes.

As it was mentioned before, although there might not bemedications to treat pinkeye which was a consequence of certain causes, thereare some home remedies to make the healing process less unpleasant.

First of all, people with contact lenses should wear glassesat the time of the infection, otherwise they would be useless afterwards.

Aside from that, applying soft cloths soaked in water shouldbe quite helpful. In the case of an allergy, cold cloth may feel morecomfortable, while in the case of an infection, a warm cloth is preferable.

Also, while cleaning the eye, the direction should followthe inside of the eye to the outside. Naturally, the substances used to do itshould be thrown away right after, in order to prevent the spreading ofthe infection.

As for bacterial conjunctivitis, besides prescribedantibiotics, the use of eye drops and gels can be quite efficient as well.

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