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Eyes are among the most delicate organs of the human bodyand they need to be looked after properly. Improper hygiene may often lead to cataract,dryness, irritation, various different types of infections and sometimes evenblindness. A number of eye conditions are also often indications of severalother underlying medical conditions. One of the most annoying medicalconditions which affect the eyes is pink eye. Pink eye is medically referred toas conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is actually a highly contagious type of eyeinfection. It affects the conjunctiva. For those who do not know, it is themembrane which covers the eyeball and it gets inflamed once it gets affected byan infection. The most common symptoms of pink eye include sticky discharge,blurred vision, burning sensations in the eyes, dryness, painful sensations inthe eyes and redness. There are numerous different types of contributingfactors which may be held responsible for the development of this highlyannoying medical condition. It can be triggered by viral infections such asacute respiratory infection or common cold. It can also be triggered by certainforms of bacteria such as hemophilus, streptococcus and staphylococcus. Othercommon causes include diseases such as herpes zoster, herpes simplex ormeasles. Conjunctivitis may also be triggered as an allergic reaction tovarious different types of environmental irritants such as grass, dust, pollen,dust, smoke and wind.

Home remedies for pink eye

The most common treatment methods for those who suffer fromconjunctivitis include different sorts of over the counter ointments and drops.Fortunately enough, conjunctivitis may also be easily treated at home, usingsome simple remedies. Warm compresses are very efficient in reducing thediscomfort, among other things. Eyebright tincture can be boiled and applied bycotton balls in order to provide excellent results. One may make a chamomiletea and then dip a cloth in it, before applying it to the affected areas.Cotton balls may also be dipped in saltwater. Honey is another excellent homeremedy for the treatment of pink eye, especially when it is mixed in with warmwater before being applied topically. Jasmine flowers soaked in water areanother potent home remedy for all those who suffer from conjunctivitis.Calendula may also be of great help because it is known for its highly powerfulantiseptic properties. Other potent home remedies include tea bags, boric acidand several types of homeopathic remedies such as belladonna and pulsatilla.

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