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The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive part of the body, and therefore, it is rather prone to infections or other similar conditions. On of the most frequent conditions affecting the skin around the eyes are the so-called puffy eyes. What it does is it makes the eyes look swollen, and some of the symptoms are redness and itching in the eye region, as well as puffed eyelids. The causes varys from those of the genetic nature to lack of sleep and stress, or even high blood pressure.

Even though the most recommended choice for curing puffy eyes would be to visit a doctor, there are many ways of taking care of them at home.

The most frequent causes of puffy eyes are sleep-related. They are either inadequate sleeping positions or the previously mentioned lack of sleep. These should be solved by avoiding sleeping face down and trying to have as much continuous sleep as possible. Proper heads support is quite important.

Another way to get rid of puffy eyes is by applying cold substances to the face. It can be simple cold water, either in the form of a cloth soaked with it, or just splashing it in the face every morning a few minutes too long. Perhaps the most famous way of trying to get rid of puffy eyes is by holding ice-cold spoons over the eyes, and it does indeed help. If these sound a bit too unpleasant for someone, a milder alternative are vegetables such as cucumber or tomato. Tea bags are an alternative as well, but they are to remain in the freezer overnight and be applied to the eyes in the morning.

A less known way of handling this condition is with caffeine. The way to do it is to sprinkle caffeine on a cotton ball and rub it around the eyes. It is surprisingly effective.

Finally, the best home remedy, not just for puffy eyes, but for many other things, is aloe vera. Having an aloe vera plant in the house is really helpful in all kinds of situations.

For this particular case, squeezing the juice from the leaves and lightly rubbing in around the eyes should do the trick wondrously. However, there is no need for despair if an aloe vera plant is not kept in the house. This gel is just as good in dealing with puffy eyes and many other skin conditions.

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