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Noise, Our Common Enemy

We live in a modern world which is constantly advancing. However, we rarely think about the fact that all our means of advancement are quite noisy. Namely, all the construction machines, means of transportation, many devices we use in our household and many others out there, all generate quite high levels of noise. All this has an influence on our well-being as well as the well-being of our planet as a whole. Recent studies have realized that birds in large cities sing in a higher-pitched tone nowadays, since they are unable to conduct their message due to all the background noise cities have. If birds are having problems, imagine what we, people are going through. Silence, for us, has become obscurity, since, we are so rarely exposed to it. When two people are together and are saying nothing, it is awkward to us. Moreover, when a person who lives in a city visits the quiet countryside, he or she feels strange and uncoordinated due to the lack of wild noise. All in all, our noise has changed us drastically, even more than we are capable of perceiving.

Is Noise a Problem?

Researches conducted in Europe claim that one quarter of the whole population of this continent lives in such noisy surroundings, that their health is impaired by the noise. Loud and high-pitched sounds are constantly in our ears, whether we are at home or at work. What is more, in all our free time in between, we listen to loud music from our player's earphones, go to clubs where the music is so loud that we cannot possibly hear each other or indulge into some other, unavoidably noisy activities. This results in numerous diseases and conditions like depression, anxiety, insomnia, memory problems, and others. All these, in the long run, evolve into something more serious. Thus, we need to protect our precious ears from noise so as not to expose our lives to greater threats. City noise is also one of the main causes of high blood pressure in people.

Possible Solutions

Simply, no noise is better than noise. Thus, we need adequate sound isolation in our households and offices. This way, at least while we are working and resting, we will not be exposed to this damaging factor. As for noisy factories and similar object, noise isolation would take them out of the whole lot of annoying buzzing, screaming, roaring, screeching and other noises we are exposed to daily. Just as pollution filters are important and obligatory, so should sound filters be. This way, we will ensure better health of our ears, as well as our whole selves.

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