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After-Lunch Exhaustion

There are people who, for one reason or another, after having lunch, feel some kind of a lethargy, as if their life energy is gone. What is more, certain cultures around the world have a tradition of taking a short nap after lunch, just to deal with this problem. However, there are others who simply do not know how to cope with this problematic state of affairs. In case you would like to learn more about this phenomenon, as well as to find out how you can possibly avoid feeling fatigue after the central meal of your day, read on.

How to Avoid the After-Lunch Exhaustion

Now, there are many things you might do, some of which can be effective while some may not. First of all, as mentioned above, you might take a short nap in order to restore the lost energy. Many people in the world find this useful and practice it after their every lunch.

Alternatively, you might try, immediately after eating, to do some physical activities. These might involve some simple stretching, doing something around the house, getting involved in some kind of a chore etc. The point is engaging yourself in order to suppress the tiredness before its onset.

Sometimes, the time you wake up may influence the feelings you have during the day. Thus, if you overslept, you might be feeling sleepy during the day. Then, waking up earlier may be the trick for you.

Of course, nutrition is very important and will influence your behavior before and after lunch. That being said, you need a breakfast which will provide you with the energy needed to start the day, on the go. Cereals, whole nuts and fruit are the best choices for a first meal of the day, followed, in a couple of hours by snacks like salads, fruits, celery and carrots. You might bring the latter to work and enjoy them there. As for your lunch, you are always better off with some good, natural meals with beans, fish and plenty of vegetables. Avoid junk food and alcohol at all costs, for all these things will cause your body to feel tired and sleepy afterwards.

Finally, during the boring days at the office, introduce some pleasant scents by bringing flowers and putting them on your desk. Also, you can keep the windows opened for fresh air or keep the blinds opened for a healthy ray of sun. All in all, do whatever you can to give color and life to your day.

Everything that gives you energy will prove to be effective and can fight off the tiredness after lunch.

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