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A dry, tickling cough is a type of coughwhich can make one's life unbearable. Constantly irritating anddistracting, this phenomenon can last for several hours, severaldays, or even several years, pestering its sufferers, causing them tofeel both awkward and worried. Usually coughs come and go, and,unless we are suffering from a cold, sore throat or a similarillness, do not last for longer that several hours. Therefore, theseprolonged, tickling and dry coughs are often premonitions ofsomething more serious affecting your organism and overallwell-being. Thus, in order to know what the symptoms of thiscondition are and to be capable of treating it successfully, read on.

Reasons behind Tickling Cough

Cough is usually our body's reaction tocertain irritants found in our respiratory system. Namely, if we havesome unwanted particles in our lungs, nose or some other body part,our nervous endings send reports to our brain, which then triggersmuscle contraction which is supposed to cause coughing in order toexpel the troublesome substance from our organism. Mucus and otherdischarge are expelled at the same time. On the other hand, ticklingcough does not produce mucus. Rather, it is dry and causes a ticklingsensation in the back of our throat. This type of cough is caused bysmoking, lung infections, asthma or certain allergies. However, lungcancer, cold and flu, viral and bacterial infections of ourrespiratory organs, laryngitis and whooping cough can be behind thetroublesome tickling cough as well. Finally, bronchitis, sinusitis,gastroesophageal reflux and other inflammations may cause thiscondition too. In some cases, you might be allergic to some sorts ofmedications you might be taking, or, perhaps suffer from acid refluxat night, feeling the tickling in your throat during the day,triggering the irritating cough.

Manifestation and Possible Treatment

As the name of this condition alreadysuggests, tickling cough causes one to feel a tickling sensation inthis area, feeling as if something was scratching the throat. Thecough itself is high in pitch, causes swallowing difficulties andescalates during the night. One may experience chills, lack ofappetite, headaches, fevers or chest pain. All in all, once thesesymptoms occur, and you get troubled by them, make sure you takefurther actions choosing an adequate treatment.

As for possible remedies, herbal teasshow to be the best for these purposes, reducing possibleinflammations and soothing the irritated part of one's throat,resulting in a decrease of cough and the tickling sensation itself.Cough drops are an excellent cure for this condition too, since theystimulate saliva production making one's throat moist, removingdryness and scratching, thereby the cough as well. Finally, steaminhalation, eating peeled ginger with salt, or eating a paste madefrom turmeric and honey can all prove to be quite beneficial for yourthroat, helping you treat the pestering tickling cough once and forall.

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