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Insomnia and Its Variants

There are numerous people suffering from insomnia. Insomnia is inability to sleep during the night, when our body and mind should be resting.

There are three different types of insomnia. Inability to fall asleep at a usual time every night is one of types. People suffering from this type either spend the whole night awake or fall asleep too late in the evening/morning. Secondly, there are people who fall asleep regularly, but wake up in the middle of the night and cannot return to sleep. Finally, there are those who sleep tight during the night, but always wake up too early in the morning.

Our Body Has a Wake-Up Clock

Similarly to the clocks we use and the watches we wear daily, our body runs on energy. However, what programs our bodies are chemicals, rather than electricity. Thus, our bodies learn to release certain chemicals at certain situations, helping us cope with them perfectly.

Speaking of sleeping and insomnia in that respect, our bodies are supposed to release chemicals which will keep us sleepy and enable us to sleep, once it notices that darkness has taken over the light and we are supposed to get enough rest for a new day. Thus, this cycle reaction repeatedly takes place every 24h. Also, our bodies know that, upon sensing light as the sign of a new day, they are supposed to wake up every day at the same time. Naturally, sometimes this delicate system can experience disturbances which lead to health problems like insomnia and other sleeping issues.

Fortunately, there is a chronic insomnia treatment and it can help overcome these problems. Having roots deep into our history, the bright light therapy can deal with many types of insomnia. Namely, Romans have used this kind of therapy for treating depression and many other health issues. Yet, it may also be used to better your sleeping cycles.

Bright Light Therapy against Insomnia

In the bright light therapy, therapist uses light of a high intensity and coming from various natural and artificial sources in order to reprogram our body or heal many problems which may affect it. With insomnia, our retina is exposed to strong bright light at a specific time of a day, teaching your body to control its sleeping cycle better. This way, you are becoming capable of reprogramming your body and its sleeping frequency, making it possible for you to sleep again on time and without disturbances, waking up when you are supposed to.

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