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In the early stage of a baby's life, it is extremely common for mothers to do all of the parenting. But if you are pregnant, single, and preparing for motherhood you may still need to think about things that partnered women don't. What are some practical steps you can take to make motherhood easier for you?

Adjusting to motherhood is easy for some, and harder for others. There are some things we all need to think of though; basic needs like eating, getting groceries, and keeping the house reasonably clean. If you don't have an in-house helper like a partner, these things are a little harder with a tiny baby. I highly recommend cooking larger portions of meals during pregnancy so you can freeze them, and then just warm them up as you need them once the baby is there.

Cooking was one of the hardest things to accomplish when I had newborns. An alternative would be to arrange for relatives or friends to bring you meals in the first couple of weeks, or even getting take-outs! As for getting things done with a newborn, a baby carrier will be such an immense help. Getting groceries with a newborn doesn't have to be a pain, and a baby carrier even enables you to breastfeed in public while shopping, without anyone noticing!

Of course, many stores also deliver groceries to your home, and that is another great option. A clean house is practically impossible to have when you have a newborn. But it is absolutely very nice to have a little help with that you'll be wanting to bond with your baby and get sleep when you can, and not clean the house!

Hiring a cleaning lady if you can, or asking a friend to help, is really handy. Also, if you are drowning in laundry, remember there are laundry services around that take your clothes, wash them, and deliver them back to you nice and clean.

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