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Babies are pretty exciting for parents as well as other relatives! Are you pregnant and wondering whether it would be nice to have your mom, mother in law, or sister come to stay at your house in the first few weeks after your baby's birth? Did one of your relatives offer to come and stay, or does it sound more like they are insisting? What are the pros and cons of relatives coming to stay in the first weeks after your baby's birth?


If you had a cesarean section or a difficult birth, you may be physically weak and really benefit from some help help with laundry, house cleaning, and cooking. You might enjoy the feeling of being pampered. Some new parents like the thought of others "mothering the mother". This only goes if you actually get on with your relative. If you feel unsure about parenting a newborn, the thought of an older, maternal person helping you may appeal to you. You will probably find parenting a new baby is not rocket science, however. You can figure it out on your own! The first weeks with a new baby can be lonely and even boring. Sure, you live your new sprout, but staying at home all day without adult company can get to your head. The presence of a relative can really help out with those feelings.


While you are getting to know your new baby, you might well be annoyed by outside interference. Moms and mothers in law have a way of thinking they know best. If your views differ, sparks can fly! Newborns are nice and cuddly, and everyone wants to hold them. You wanted help with household tasks, but might end up with someone who expects that them holding your baby while you do the laundry is really helpful. Some house guests expect you to make them breakfast, coffee, cakes, make their beds... even if you have just had a baby. This type of house guest can leave you feeling like you're caring for two babies. Not helpful at all.

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