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Having a baby is one of the life changing moments. This iswhat makes us humans, what defines our species. Mental aspect of people who justgot their baby is definitely going through changes and in most cases, peoplebecome more caring, protective, some things start to seem unimportant, whilesome become essential.


Caring about baby is not a simple thing, especially if it isthe first child, even though most of future parents, while pregnancy was well onthe way, started learning about how to deal with the baby and all the possible problemsthat might come along. There are books, seminars, practical lessons, onlinehelp and much more which helps mothers and fathers in becoming a better parent. Thereis also one helping option, which might prove to be effective for some parents,and that is hiring a maternity nurse? Are you one of those who think thathaving a baby is a scary task so help is needed? Do you need a maternity nurse?

Pro et contra

What would be the biggest reason not to get help frommaternity nurse? Are you comfortable enough to have a complete stranger holdingyour baby for most of the day? Even though hiring is always done viaspecialized agency so there should be no fear and doubt, those two are stillpresent. And it is understandable, as already mentioned, protecting the baby isone of the strongest urges parents have in the first period of a child’s life. Actually,it never goes away. Also, there is this specific bond formed between the babyand a mother, thanks to constant physical contact in first couple of months. Thisbond is somehow weakened if baby does spend most of its time with someother person. And of course, there is a fact that there is another personroaming in the house, and that is something some people can never accept.

On the other hand, there are some reasons that clearly saythat hiring a maternity nurse is a positive thing. This is something mothers doif they delivered a baby with C – section and they need some time for recovering. Also,unfortunately, there are cases when mothers have to return to the previouslives, meaning their jobs are much too important and they cannot devotethemselves completely to a newborn child. Some mothers simply need some timeoff, an hour or two daily to finish house chores, spend some time with older childrenor simply take a break.

Whatever the choice, it is up to parents to decide whether they need some help or not with the new member of their family.

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