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Mothers who are currently newly pregnant will have a winter newborn. It can be hard to resist the temptation of shopping for your baby all those tiny pants and shirts are so very cute! But unless you are able to find winter clothes somewhere, you will probably be better off waiting, unless you are buying items that babies can wear in any season. Here's a list of things you will need to keep your winter newborn nice and toasty.

Indoor clothes don't need to be too different from those you would use for a baby in the summer, as long as your house is heated properly. This is the stuff you can stock up on now, if you want. Onesies, shirts, footed cotton suits, or pants that don't have too much of a lining are great for around the house. Newborns have this tendency to spit up over whatever they are wearing on their top-half. That is why it is a good idea to invest in about five to seven sweaters. In my experience, it is essential to have enough sweaters to always be able to give them a change of clothes, even if that means twice a day. If you don't have a dryer, or are a lazy laundrer (like me!) you might need more. I would recommend buying at least two winter coats. There will be occasions on which you will need to wash winter coats and still want or need to go outside. Having two coats enables you to do so. One coat can be cheaper and act just as a back-up coat. A relatively warm but thin jacket for baby's car seat is essential if you drive. Infant car seat safety experts do not recommend dressing baby in a winter coat during their ride in the car. Alternatives to a jacket would be a blanket (always put them on after baby is in the seat) or a special car seat cover. Socks. Lots of them. They always get lost. And buying several identical pairs can be great, because that means you'll still be able to pair them if one gets lost. Hats are pretty essential too. They don't easily get dirty, so one or two will do you fine. Because pants ride up, footed pants or tights underneath pants are a good option for winter.

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