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Has a loved one just given birth, or is someone you know expecting a baby? Of course, you are looking for some nice newborn gifts to present the new parents with to celebrate the birth of their new little one! Shopping for babies is a lot of fun, even if you are not shopping for your own baby but at the same time, it can be tough to decide what gifts are the best.

Baby clothes are one obvious gifts for newborns. Of course, you want the baby to be able to wear the items you buy right away. But keep in mind that new parents tend to receive a lot of newborn clothes, and that something in the three to six month range, or even bigger, may be much more useful to them. Some beautiful cloth diapers make a wonderful gift. Even if parents are planning on using disposables all the time, there may still be occasions at which they run out of diapers and could do with a cloth diaper. Pocket diapers that can be adjusted in size to fit newborn to toddler are the most practical. A baby carrier is something else many parents don't buy, but that can be absolutely wonderful. Check out our baby carrier shopping tips for more information on your options. Don't forget the new parents themselves! One of the biggest challenges of the newborn period is cooking good meals. You could get meal vouchers for local take-out restaurants, or offer to cook for them for a few weeks after their baby is born if you live locally. If the new mother is breastfeeding, a breastfeeding pillow can make nursing sessions a lot more relaxed. Getting some good books or films for the parents is another great idea. Nursing newborn babies, and having a sleeping newborn in your lap, takes up a lot of time. Reading material and films sure come in handy. I am of the opinion that "airport literature" works best!

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