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Every baby cries (some a little, and others an awful lot!), and I am sure that every new parent beats themselves up over what to do about it at some point. What can you do when your newborn is crying, you are desperate, and everyone including the baby is sleep deprived?

The first rule of dealing with crying babies is that babies will sometimes cry, no matter what you do. My firstborn used to have an afternoon cry that lasted about an hour, no matter what we did to her. My son, too, went through this, only he'd cry starting at eight o'clock on the dot and it could last anywhere from 10 minutes to two hours. Having said that, there are many things you can try to soothe a crying newborn:

If you breastfeed, try nursing your baby before doing anything else. Most of the time, it works. Carry your baby in a baby carrier. If you have one of those babies who don't like to be put down for a second, this works great. I've cooked like that, been shopping, and even went to the bathroom while babywearing. If you cook with your baby in a carrier, obviously salads are best :). Rocking your baby, either in arms, in a swing, or in a car seat, can work like a charm. Driving your baby around in your car may well send them off to dream land. Singing or reading to babies can sometimes soothe them. Obviously, check if they have a wet or soiled diaper, or are hot or cold. Try a change of scenery. Perhaps one room works better for your baby than another. Check if they have a fever or any other unusual signs that can point to a medical problem.

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