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Moving house while you are pregnant might sound like a tricky accomplishment, but many people do it for obvious reasons. When you have a little one on the way and have decided that you need more space, or that your current house is not appropriate for a family with children, moving is the logical result. Moving might be more difficult when you are pregnant than when you are not, but packing, moving, shopping, and unpacking is still better with a baby on the inside than on the outside! These are SteadyHealth's tips on how to make the most of it.

Remember all those random things you never use, but always felt sorry to throw out? Knowing that babies and their belongings can take up quite some space after all, your family will have an extra human gives you the perfect excuse to finally donate those items to thrift stores, or to put them on Craig's List. Sorry for stating the obvious, but here is one mistake I actually made. Wait with buying big ticket baby items like strollers (see stroller shopping tips) and cribs until you have already moved, so you do not have to move more than you absolutely have to. If you are moving most of your own things, rather than hiring professional movers, make sure you don't overdo things. Staying hydrated is essential during pregnancy, so keep a water bottle with you. And take a brake if you feel it is getting too much. DIY decorating is a lot of fun, and can quell that nesting instinct that many pregnant women experience. Just make sure you don't use any toxic building materials or paints, and standing on a wobbly ladder with a big bump (and altered gravity centers) is probably not a good idea.

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