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Everyone who has ever been pregnant knows that there is a long list of pregnancy signs and symptoms that can make women feel a bit under the weather. From morning sickness, to fatigue so bad you would like to sleep all day long, and from insomnia to constant heartburn. Now, try being pregnant and looking after a toddler. For many moms, who would like to have kids that are relatively close together in age, this is a reality. Of course, being pregnant and looking after an active toddler is possible, but it can sure be difficult. What can you do to get through the day when you want to nap, but your toddler wants to run around and play with you?

Going with the flow and realizing that things will get easier is perhaps the best piece of advice anyone can give. There are a few tricks that you can pull out to make things easier tricks that work like a charm for some, and not at all for others, of course. Some that come to mind immediately are napping when your toddler does, if he or she still naps, and snuggling on the couch reading books instead of playing games that require you to run around.

But at the end of the day, being pregnant and looking after a very young child can just be hard, and there is only so much you can do to make it easier. Be gentle with yourself, because you deserve that. Don't worry too much about non-essentials like a perfectly clean and tidy house. Don't be afraid to accept help from friends and relatives if they offer! The mother needs to be mothered as well, sometimes! And when you are feeling rough, remember that this too shall pass. Also take a look at our baby carrier shopping tips!

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