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Chest muscle building isonly a part of the entire bodybuilding workout program. Some will say that itjust might be the most important one, because large, strong and bulked up chesthelps out with almost all exercises that include torso, back and arms.

Chest muscles

There are two mainmuscles on each side of torso called pectoralis major and pectoralis minor, and theyare shortly called pecs. But not just those two, all muscles in torso areashould be bulked up, including the abs. Even though they belong to different musclegroups, building pecs without abs is pointless and it might even lookridiculous at some point. For great looking chest, main back muscle calledlatissimus, should be built up too, because its wideness emphasizes chest evenmore.

Additional caution

Since pecs are noteasily built up, maintaining them is hard. Not only regular exercise, but alsostrict and balanced menus are needed, particularly those that have enough proteins forsustaining muscle mass of chest and other areas. Fat might even bulk up chestsome more, but fat is not as hard and firm as muscles, and when it comes tolooks and functionality, it is completely useless. And bodybuilding is aboutbuilding muscles, not mass only. As for the supplementsthat might help with the process of bulking up chest, regular muscle gainerscontaining creatine are standard products needed for every bodybuilder, andthere are also testosterone hormones, ATP sources, and fat burners. All those helpwith inducing muscle growth in entire body, including chest area.

Bench press is a standardand basic exercise, used for bulking up chest. There are many variations ofthis exercise and each has to be done in order to fully enhance chest muscles.As for some specific techniques, standard one would include doing sets with 6to 10 reps, with the increased weight in each set. Some will say that, when maximumweight is reached and lifted once or twice, reverse sets should start withdecreasing the weight. When lifting big weights it is smart to have someonestanding near you who can grab the barbell if the weight simply becomes tooheavy for a beginner.

Muscled and greatlooking torso is very important for bodybuilders, especially those who entercompetitions. Without that specific area developed maximally, no big result canbe achieved. Unfortunately, if exercising and healthy eating habits stop atsome moment, chest muscles are among the first to deteriorate.

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