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What would be the tips to build up muscles effectively? Whenstarting with the physical activity, what are the pointers and how to understand what isthe best course of action? It is not easy to answer these questions, but thereis one general truth – no physical activity is a bad one, unless it can causesome medical problems.


Muscles and bones create a system we use for moving and allsorts of motions. Both of them should be in a good and healthy state so thatwe can function normally. There is not much that can be done about the bones,except for using some vitamins and minerals (vitamin D, magnesium and calcium).But muscles are something completely different. There are two basic methods forbulking up the muscle mass, and those are exercising and using supplements indiets.

Exercising techniques

For a fast increase of muscle mass, maximum weight should beused. That weight has to be used in a third repetition set, while about 80% ofit should be used in a first set. Only three sets are needed in one exercise,with a proper and correct execution. Hard and intensive training increasescreatine in the organism. Creatine has two functions; one is enhancing themuscle growth process, while the other is more interesting for bodybuilders since it fillsup the interstitial space between the cells in the muscle fiber, thus creating that wanted bulk up effect.

There are some basic muscle groups that should be worked outin the beginning in order to activate all other muscles and to create good basisfor further, detailed training. So, we are talking about arms, legs and torso.Arms include working out biceps, deltoid muscle and triceps, while legs includeworking out quads and lower back muscle. When it comes to the torso, well, there are chest muscles(pecs), abdominal muscles and wide back muscle, latissimus dorsi.


When exercising starts, some supplements are needed in orderto create the best possible bulk up effect. Intensive training needs additionalenergy sources that can prolong the time spent in a gym and increase theweight used in exercising. Muscle mass gainers will have to be used, becausethere are some limits to natural process of bulking and after those limits arereached, only supplements can help. Of course, this stands for professional bodybuilders, since recreational practitioners do not actually need additional products. Building muscles effectively requires some time and patience, andif it is necessary, asking for help from gym instructors and people with moreexperience in the field, is highly recommendable.

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