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What is testosterone?

Testosterone is the hormone whichcauses the development of male sex characteristics, and it is regarded asmale sex hormone, but it can be also found with females, though in considerablysmall amounts. This hormone has the important role in bone and muscleproduction, as well as in the increasing of libido.

Low testosterone

When the body does not produceenough testosterone, the level of this hormone is decreased, and thedoctors prescribe some testosterone boosters. The most frequent side effects of lowtestosterone are the changes of moods or mood swings and the gaining of weight.Furthermore, lack of sexual interest, and in some cases even impotence in mencan occur as a result of low level of testosterone. Many persons alsoexperienced a decline in bone density, as well as in muscle mass. Moreover, depression,tiredness and fatigue are very common, and because all of these conditions, aperson decides to use some testosterone boosters.

Usually, the testosterone boostersare mostly taken by athletes and body builders as nutritional supplements inorder to increase their muscle mass. Testosterone boosters are also very goodin solving some sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction. Testosterone boosters can beclassified in two groups: those that are legally prescribed or those that are illegallyobtained. Creatine is a testosterone booster that is completely safe for thehealth, but on the other side, anabolic steroids have many unwanted effects.

Testosterone boosters and their side effects with men

The most frequent side effects of thetestosterone boosters are oily skin, acne, and baldness with men. It isbelieved that testosterone boosters lead to the development of diabetes. If theperson uses testosterone boosters for a long time, it may cause the liver damagein the beginning, and then result in the liver cancer. Kidney failure andenlarged prostate are only some of the side effects of the testosteroneboosters, because in some cases reduction of testiclesappears and the body is not capable of naturally producing testosterone anylonger.

Side effects of testosteroneboosters in women

The most common side effects of thetestosterone boosters with women are the abrupt rising of the level oftestosterone in the body that leads to the appearance of some male sexcharacteristics such as excessive facial and body hair and deep voice. In somecases, women develop enlarged clitoris. The most serious adverse effect of thetaking of testosterone boosters with women is the occurrence of breast cancer.

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