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Testosterone deficiency is an issue that can seriously impact the healthof women, as it is a vital hormone for their all-round health andwell-being. Testosterone levels in womendrop by half from the age of 20 until the age of 40, and removal of the ovariescan contribute to testosterone levels dropping by as much as 50%. Low amountsof testosterone can cause various negative side effects such as loss of sexualdesire, loss of energy, loss of sexual responsiveness and a weakening of femaleorgasm, as well as increasing the risk of osteoporosis.

Testosterone Therapyin Women

Though testosterone therapy is usually considered a remedy exclusive formen, it is a frequent and occasionally necessary cure for women as well, aidingin the case of menopause induced testosterone loss. This loss can cause fatigue, hotflashes or night sweats.

This therapy is a viable solution that can maintain the hormonal balanceand assist in increasing the sex drive and bone strength, and can even help treat osteoporosisin women. Other examples of testosterone therapy for women benefits include the ability toremove poisonous hormones and cells in women’s bodies in some cases, and helpingthose suffering from breast cancer in others. This therapy comes in the form ofa pill or an injection, but can also be applied as a cream or gel for thefemale patients.

The Side Effects of TestosteroneTherapy in Women

Testosterone therapy in women can harbor a string of side effects,including increased acne and facial hair, mood changes, voice alteration, liverproblems and an enlarged clitoris. Other than carefully considering these sideeffects, it is also advised to adhere to a healthy diet and regular exercise inorder for the testosterone therapy to work faster.

The increase in acne and facial hair is mostly caused by changes in thepilosebaceous units, and other hormonal activities such as menstrual cycles andpuberty, but can be caused by testosterone therapy in women. Increasedmasculinity in the face as well as growth of facial hair is a common side effectand can cause serious psychological symptoms such as reduced self esteem, alongwith physical scarring.

Mood changes are also a frequent side effect, and their prominence andease of notice makes them easy to spot as symptomatic.

Women undergoing testosterone therapy may also experience voicealteration, such as deepening of the voice and sudden voice change.

A rare side effect of testosterone therapy in women is liver problems. It rarely occurs as the side effectof testosterone therapy in women, but in the case of patient complaints onsymptoms such as pain in the liver, excessive thirst and frequent urination, it isadvised to seek immediate consultation with a doctor.

Finally, another less common side effect of testosterone therapy forwomen is an enlargement of the clitoris. This symptom can be caused by avariety of reasons, so consultation with a doctor is recommended beforeassigning this effect to testosterone therapy.

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