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Bodybuilding is a physical activity that has become popular only lately, in the past few decades. It has not only found its place in almost every country in the world, but it also induced creation of similar activities, branches, we might call it, such as body fitness. It is not possible to determine the esthetic moment in bodybuilding. Muscles are not supposed to look beautiful, they should be big and mean, but still, there is some sort of beauty in a bulked up, no fat present, body. Even though there are many who disapprove of bodybuilding as a physical activity that promotes health, it cannot be denied that many people, including youth, choose bodybuilding (at least a recreational form) as a regular type of exercising.


The important thing to know about the professional bodybuilding is that the muscles you see in competitions cannot be reached without the use of supplements and other products. Even though supplements only complement the exercising process, they are essential in provoking the muscle growth process in the organism. And not only that, they enhance the additional processes that help indirectly with muscle mass growth. Those would include energy boosters (which is very important for enduring hard training sessions), testosterone boosters (enhancing testosterone secretion helps because this is a hormone that naturally induces mass gain), vitamins and minerals (balance of vitamins and electrolytes has to be maintained all the time), and products that help with the muscle recovery (resting period is essential because training session has to be started with well rested muscles). Although there are hundreds of products available in the market, it is obvious that some of those simply do not produce the wanted effects, but there are also those that have been accused of having dangerous side effects, which is simply not true.

Example - Deca anabolic steroids

What can be said about Deca anabolic steroids side effects? Well, many will say that water retention is present and that is true. Then again, that happens with most of the other similar products, and also, it can be easily battled with Letrozole©. Due to the fact that Deca is progestin, acnes might show, but that happens rarely. Perhaps the biggest problem this product might induce is suppression of testosterone secretion. It is said that only 100 mg of Deca can completely stop the secretion and it takes a lot of time, about a month, for the secretion level to go back to normal. This can be countered with the use of testosterone.

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