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Low Testosterone LevelTestosterone is the androgenic hormone that plays vital role in the development of male reproductive organs. This male hormone also increases muscle and bone mass, reduces body fat and promotes sexual desire. Testosterone levels naturally decline with age. It may even begin around the age of 40. Insufficient testosterone production results in weakened strength, energy and the sex drive.

Today, there are many medications created to increase testosterone level. They are known as testosterone boosters and are used for natural male hormone replacement therapy. Apart from that, there are also available testosterone patch and testosterone gel that are made to replace the hormone. However, testosterone supplements are associated with several adverse effects like any other hormonal therapy. They may cause fluid retention, joint pain, yellowing of the skin and eyes, oily skin, acne and many other problems.

Fortunately there are some natural ways to increase testosterone levels and avoid side effects oh hormonal therapy. This refers to exercise and nutrition.


Exercises are good natural way to increase testosterone, especially intense exercise. Intense exercise is endurance based exercise. The best exercises for boosting testosterone are compound movement with all muscle groups involved. It is a proven fact that weight lifters have higher levels of testosterone. This is due to short duration and high intensity. Thereby, to increase testosterone level you must involve all your muscles in intense exercising for period not longer than one hour.

Muscles in the legs and back are the larges and they have to be included in intense exercise which can be for example sprinting. Squats are also good option because they engage leg and torso muscles. Additionally, you may take cable or elastic band and press it upward in standing segment of squats. This way your shoulder muscles are also involved in the exercise. Apart from squats, you may do dead lifts, bench press and pull ups. Cardio exercise can be helpful as well. Running and bicycling are the most effective when you are going uphill for example.


Balanced diet benefits overall health hence testosterone levels too. Foods rich in zinc boost testosterone. This mineral can be found in oysters, chicken, turkey, beans, dairies and red meat such as beef, pork and lamb. Garlic and onions should be on your daily menu since their ingredient Allicin promotes testosterone levels.

Cruciferous vegetables like cabagge, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale, radish, and kohlrabi have many health benefits and are also considered to be testosterone boosters. All cruciferous vegetables are high in zinc and part of your daily diet to elevate levels of testosterone.

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