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Living today requires a lot from a person, a lot of the mental and physical endurance, and sometimes even that it is simply not enough. There are also some medical problems that might make the situation even worse. When it comes to men, the one thing that can really make them depressed and lose libido among other things is the lack of testosterone. Its presence in the men is what actually makes them men, since this hormone is responsible for the occurrence of the sexual characteristics and its low value can induce depression, low sex drive, degradation of muscles etc. The good thing is that there are therapies that include the appliance of testosterone supplements, which should effectively deal with this medical problem.

Using testosterone

Bodybuilders also use testosterone because it is a natural muscle growth inducer. And not only testosterone; for the mentioned purpose, bodybuilders also use prehormones, substances that increase the secretion of the testosterone in the organism. Even though testosterone is essential in the organism for certain processes and for the overall look of the organism, it has to be said that using testosterone therapy can create some side effects.

Testosterone problems

We can say that among the side effects of testosterone therapy, there are 4 problems that should occupy our attention. Those are sleep apnea (main symptom is holding the breath while sleeping), polycythemia (high level of hemoglobin), liver problems (luckily, this happens in rare cases) and prostate problems (testosterone may induce the growth of pancreas mass). But it has to be said that these side effects do occur rarely and might be eliminated with changing the dosage used in the therapy. Also, even though the mentioned side effects are negative ones, it is proven that testosterone helps men in the prevention of some medical problems related to the heart muscle. Testosterone supplements are commonly used by bodybuilders for the effect that those have on the muscle growth process. It is more or less standard element of the bulking process and with the increased muscle mass, libido can be increased too, which is definitely a positive thing.

Whatever is needed for the organism, it should be acquired. Still, for using a testosterone therapy a doctor's approval is needed. Taking something without a consultation might prove to be very dangerous and this also goes for bodybuilders, since there simply might be some allergic reaction or other side effect that can endanger the health and induce some medical condition that will need additional therapy and treatment.

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