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Many people enjoy jasmine tea more than any other kind of beverage. In fact, this tea is world-wide known by many different names, including Yin Hao and Dragon Phoenix Pearl. Regardless of the name, the taste and the specific scent of this tea makes people enjoy it over and over again, feeling revived and replenished by the power of jasmine flowers. Yet, a majority of these people are not familiar with the possible side-effects of this beverage. In fact, numerous individuals have no idea about the benefits of this tea either.

Benefits of Jasmine Tea

Jasmine is known to be both a plant from which tea is made and a powerful medicine, especially in the Chinese culture. Today, many scientists believe that this plant holds the key to curing cancer.

Additionally, jasmine is well-known for its power to relieve anxiety in some people, causing them to feel more relaxed. The smell of the drink itself is capable of reducing your heart rate, calming and relaxing you.

Furthermore, jasmine tea possesses the power to reduce your cholesterol levels as well as the levels of triglycerides in your organism. However, the tests supporting these facts were carried out on a hamster subject and human effect research is still pending. But, this tea holds great promise in this aspect nevertheless.

Also, Kansas university has discovered that jasmine tea can help people stay safe from food poisoning by reducing the growth of certain bacteria.

Jasmine has a sweet taste and you do not have to add honey or sugar to your tea. Thus, it can help you reduce your weight, while making you feel relieved of depression. At the same time, it acts as a powerful antioxidant, helping you stay younger and healthier.

Finally, jasmine is known to be a powerful aphrodisiac, keeping your teeth healthy, boosting your immune system and preventing numerous illnesses and aches at the same time.

Side-Effects of Jasmine Tea

Basically, one of the main disadvantages of jasmine tea is its caffeine concentration. Too much caffeine is bad for our health. Thereby, you need to be careful with the amount of jasmine tea you consume. You can avoid this by buying decaffeinated jasmine tea. This is the only disadvantage of this tea and it is easily avoidable. So, enjoy jasmine tea and all of its benefits knowing that you are safe when you consume decaffeinated variant of this natural product or when you are careful with the unmodified jasmine tea.

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