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Jasmine isthe herb widely known for its distinctive smell. About a hundred kilograms offresh jasmine flowers are necessary to extract only a couple of drops of itsessential oils. The extracted jasmine oil is highly expensive and appreciated forits the mental and physical benefits to the human organism.

Jasmine plant(or Jasminum officinale, in Latin) is a shrub, and grows mainly in Mediterraneancountries, loving the sun and wind. The shrub grows quickly, with white oryellow flowers, which can vary in size but always have distinctive perfume smell, especially strong in the evening. There is a decorative plant form thesame family (Jasminum fretticans), used purely as a decorative shrub, but jasmineis usually used in aromatherapy, medicine and perfume industry.

The Chinese,especially in the north and north-eastern parts of the country, are big consumersof this herb. It is customary in those parts of China to drink green tea inspring and summer months and jasmine tea in autumn and winter.

Jasmine containsessential oil, benzilic acetate, linalcohol, benzilic alcohol, indole andjasmon. Thanks to its compounds thisplant improves blood circulation and has some aphrodisiac properties. It is alsoknown that jasmine improves the digestion, speeds up the metabolism, helps withweight loss and elimination of toxins from the body.

The easiestway to use jasmine is to make some tea, but there are macerated oil and alcoholextract products available on the market. Aromatherapy recommends use ofjasmine oil for any physical pain, in childbirth, breathing problems, coughingand nervous weakness. This essential oil is also used to calm any skinproblems. The mixture of ylang-ylang and jasmine is used in aromatherapy and itis said to help both your mind and body.

Jasmine teais recommended to drink when you plan to lose some weight, say thenutritionist. The tea is sweet, mildly sedative and regulates the bloodcirculation. Combine jasmine and green tea and you will get a powerful drink. Itis said that jasmine has some aphrodisiac capabilities, and this is mainly dueto relaxation it brings to the stressed organism.

Jasmine tea isnot recommended to be used in big quantities, and perhaps the most sensitive onesto this tea are pregnant women. This tea can cause high acidity and it is bestto use it after you had your meal. If you have problems with sleeping, youshould try to avoid drinking the jasmine tea after 5pm.

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