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Jasmin tea and the main benefits

People drink tea all over the world, and they drink it forvarious reasons, some because of their health, some because it is a part oftheir culture, and some because they simply enjoy the taste. Jasmine tea is a specialmixture of its leaves and flowers, and it is a type of scented tea that canscent any other kind of tea, though it is considered best with green tea.

Thereare many benefits of this tea, and among the most important ones is the fact thatit is a powerful antioxidant. It actually means that it protects body from freeradicals and the damage that they may cause. Besides that, high quality jasminetea can help in losing weight, because it contains antioxidants and caffeine, whichhelp this process, but it also helps in reducing fat and cholesterol. One ofthe most significant and promising qualities is related to the results of astudy that has proven positive effects of jasmine tea in the treatment ofcancer. Still, other researches are being done in order to confirm this. Otherbenefits include its ability to:

act as a mild sedative, which is why its use is advised for those who are under the stress or those who need to calm thenerves,prevent tooth decay,improve the immune system,reduce the growth ofbacteria, andslow down the process of aging.

Side effects of jasmine tea

Even though the benefits are really numerous and various,there is a side effect related to jasmine tea, and it is necessary to mention itas well. The fact is that the benefits certainly outnumber the side effects,but they deserve to be mentioned, too. The truth is that so far only one sideeffect of this tea has been recognized and it refers to caffeine as aningredient. Still, caffeine is an inevitable ingredient of every tea, but it mayaffect nerves and heart negatively, which is why people with such problems areadvised to be cautious about the use of jasmine tea. However, this is veryquestionable today, because not all the scientist share the same opinionregarding the caffeine. They do agree that too much caffeine will certainly havea bad effect, but not all of them see the amount of it in this tea as a reason to stop drinking it completely, even in cases of people with heart problems.

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