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Is green tea caffeine free

For All Who Enjoy Green Tea

Healthy value of green tea has been proven countless times and many people who have healthy diets are sure to incorporate this beverage into it. However, almost every herbal tea is considered to have one flaw and that is caffeine. Namely, this substance is unwanted by many, because of its psychoactive characteristics. Therefore, a question has been asked in need to clear out this mystery hanging in the air. Does green tea contain caffeine and is that a bad trait of this beverage?

The Answer

Green tea is definitely rich in caffeine. Moreover, its leaves contain even more caffeine than coffee does. Nevertheless, due to the fact that we remove the leaves from the beverage, we reduce this caffeine value, making it lesser than that of coffee, where all the ingredients stay present in our cup. Thus, logically, less leaves means less caffeine. Besides this useful trick, there are plenty other which may enable you tea enjoying experience without excessive amounts of this, unwanted substance.

The Tricks

If you grow green tea, you will definitely benefit from knowing that the larger the leaves are, the less caffeine they have inside of them. Additionally, caffeine value is much higher in the leaves which are located higher on the plant itself. Therefore, pick those nearest to the ground and make sure you take the largest ones, if you desire the minimal caffeine values in your precious beverage.

There are more useful tips where these came from. Namely, caffeine value decreases with each steeping of leaves. Thus, if you use the same leaves for making tea twice, the second round will have half of the caffeine value the first one had. Similarly, once you prepare green tea leaves, those prepared quicker will have less of the notorious substance than those teas you prepare slowly. The container size plays an important role too, the larger-the better.

Finally, there is another useful method. All you need to do is sacrifice one portion of tea for a significantly decaffeinated one. First, boil your tea bags in water normally, the same way you do any time you prepare tea. After being boiled for half a minute, throw the water away and make a new one. This process will surely remove almost entire caffeine value from your green tea, making it possible to enjoy your favorite beverage with no worries. The levels of the troublesome substance are thereby reduced to a tolerable minimum, making it possible to be consumed with no effects on our organism.

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