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Green tea is a beverage which has become quite widespread due to its incredibly beneficial effects. This is because green tea is almost completely natural since it goes through less modification processes, such as fermentation, than any other kind of tea. That’s why it might not be as delicious, but most people are willing to overlook and take thanks to the immense health gains it provides.

Even though green tea has some far greater and more important advantages, people are mostly eager to consume it because of its capacity to help with weight loss and it is included in many popular diets. Other than that, it is proved to be extremely helpful in reducing the chances of its consumers to develop heart diseases or any type of cancer significantly. It also helps in healing wounds, improving the level of cholesterol, repairing the immune system and destroying the bacteria attacking the teeth.

Green tea is indeed that powerful, but it also has some side effects.

The most frequent issue which arises from the consumption of green tea is regarding its caffeine levels. Since green tea has a lot of caffeine in it, that can become problematic for some people who are somewhat sensitive to its effects and it may cause insufficient sleep, sometimes even insomnia, high blood pressure, aggravation and stress, problems in the stomach including nausea, skin rashes, increased need to urinate and racing heartbeat. Also, the caffeine contained in green tea can cause a lot of harm to pregnant women such as birth defects so it is recommended to avoid it in that period.

Another problem with green tea is that it decreases the absorption of some valuable nutritional substances, especially iron, and that can lead to iron deficiency. This is called malabsorption. Apart from iron, it absorbs proteins and fats, which is especially harmful for children because it can leave them with fragile bones and bad teeth as consequences.

Along with these nutritional substances, vitamin B can also be lacking from the organism due to green tea, and that can cause beriberi. Beriberi is a condition which interferes with perception, causes weight loss, pain and swellings of different parts of the body and heart palpitations.

All in all, people with problems in the kidneys, heart, and stomach or with some kind of mental disorders should be particularly careful about the amount of green tea they consume. Too much of anything can be damaging, no matter how healthy it is in theory, so the most important thing is not to over do it.

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