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There are different types of jasmine tea: green tea, black tea, oolong tea and white tea. The thing is, these teas are actually flavored with jasmine, because of its beautiful aroma. To make jasmine tea, you need to spread the jasmine flowers all over the selected tea, and leave it for about a week since the tea needs to absorb the jasmine aroma.

Health Benefits of Jasmine Tea

This tea has been brewed for the first time in China, 700 years ago. Up till today, it is still a good solution for numerous health problems. For example, jasmine tea eases stress levels. It has a sedating effect, and helps with sleeping disorders. Jasmine tea can help stopping different viral infections, especially gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers and diarrhea. Besides that it can help in preventing common cold.

Because of the high antioxidant assets of tea, some research had shown that regular consumption of jasmine tea has lowered the risk of getting throat cancer. Furthermore, by reducing the number of free radicals in your body it can prevent some types of cancer, and in addition, drinking this tea can slow the aging process. Other researches too have discovered its impact in preventing breast and prostate cancer.

The consumption of jasmine tea assists those trying to lose some weight, by decreasing the synthesis and growth of fat cells in the body. Researchers found that ingredients found in jasmine tea, known as catechins, activate weight loss by reducing body fat and stimulating body to combust calories.

Researchers conducted on animals have shown that jasmine tea decreases cholesterol levels in the body. Consequently, if jasmine tea is beneficial in fighting cholesterol, it will logically lower the risk of developing high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems such as stroke.

People who suffer from diabetes should drink jasmine tea, since some of the compounds of this tea can help to regulate and neutralize the blood sugar levels in the body. Furthermore, this tea is beneficial for those who are at risk of developing diabetes, since this tea has the capability to regulate insulin and blood sugar levels.

As it is said, the antioxidant properties of jasmine tea can aid in fighting a few of the skin problems, for instance, dark spots and wrinkles. Obviously, if it can slow down the aging process itself, it can deal with many other health problems that advance with age.

In addition, jasmine tea can reduce the risk of coronary problems such as blood clotting and high blood pressure. It can help with allergic reactions and viruses such as flu and provide overall care by increasing capabilities of your immune system.

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