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Information on Selenium

Selenium comes from the group of micronutrients and it cansometimes be associated with Selenosis when taken in excess amounts. Seleniumcan also be affiliated with certain side effects such as gastrointestinalproblems, malfunctioning of vital organs, hair loss and skin and naildisorders. Selenium is one of the essential minerals and it is very importantfor most species of animals and plants but their requirements usually vary fromspecies to species.

There are some plants which do not require it at all, butthere are others which use it as some sort of defense mechanism. Seleniumenhances certain enzymatic reactions of the cells in the human body. It is anintegral part when it comes to blood clotting and stimulating the immunesystem. Some children may suffer from selenium deficiency and it is alwaysconnected with protein deficiency.

Adults who suffer from different intestinalproblems are more prone to selenium deficiency which may result in differenttypes of viral infections and fatty liver syndrome.

Selenium: Uses and Side Effects

Selenium is an important ingredient of numerous differenttypes of skin lotions and anti-dandruff shampoos. Selenium supplements can alsobe of some help when it comes to the treatment of certain medical conditionssuch as tuberculosis, mercury toxicity, diabetes, anemia, different heartdiseases, asthma, cancer, growth problems, AIDS, arthritis, muscle pain andvitamin E deficiency.

An average daily diet should usually provide therecommended daily allowance which is 200 micrograms. There are different typesof food which are rich in selenium and the list includes noodles, Brazil nuts,macaroni, beef, eggs, poultry, cod and seafood. Side effects of selenium areusually connected with excess consumption of selenium supplements.

Medical problemsoccur when a person consumes more selenium than required. Selenium toxicity isa medical condition referred to as Selenosis. It usually means that a personingested more than 400 micrograms of selenium in a single day. Seleniumtoxicity can be characterized by bad breath which occurs because dimethylselenide is present in the air exhaled from the lungs.

The list of side effectsthat may or may not be affiliated with selenium includes nausea, cardiacarrest, vomiting, heart failure, stomach pain, heart damage, diarrhea, presenceof selenium in urine, lightheadedness, malfunctioning of the vital organ,peripheral neuropathy, difficulty breathing, irritability, metallic taste inthe mouth, stress, loss of fingernails, depression, thickening of fingernails,skin rash, flushing and dermatitis. Some side effects may be fatal. Seleniumshould be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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