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The process of aging can sometimes be slowed downsignificantly when using certain types of vitamins and nutritional supplements.These have gained on popularity in the last few decades. There are everydaymultivitamins and there also certain types of products which are very efficientin reducing certain sorts of chemical in the human body or regulating thelevels of hormones in order to make the person more youthful and slow down theprocess of aging. One may not know that these supplements and vitamins maysometimes be associated with certain types of side effects or risks, as well asmultiple health benefits.

Benefits and Risks

Health benefits of vitamin supplements are debated heavilyby various doctors and scientists. They are certainly not harmful, but only ifone uses them according to the instructions. Some vitamins are known for causingthe buildup of toxic substances in the body. This usually means all thedifferent sorts of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A. One should nevertake more than the recommended dosage of vitamin A. Excessive amounts of watersoluble vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin B do not get stored in the body andthey get passed in the urine. There is a vast array of different sorts ofvitamin supplements available in most well equipped pharmacies and stores. Sometimesdifferent types of vitamins get mixed together in a single product. Watersoluble vitamins cannot be stored in the human body so they should be takenonly when the person does not have well balanced dietary habits. Certain typesof diets usually restrict the intake of some food items which may also includethe reduction of several sorts of minerals and vitamins which are required inorder for the human body to function properly.

Most dangers affiliated with the use of vitamin supplementsoccur when they are used in a wrong way or for prolonged periods of time.Vitamin overdose may cause significant damage to certain organs in the humanbody. Vitamin A overdose seriously damages the liver. One should always consultthe doctor before deciding to use any type of vitamin supplements, and thatincludes even those which are available over the counter. As the person growsolder the processes inside the body are no longer that efficient .Absorption ofcertain types of vitamins becomes much harder with age. That can be said forall the vitamins from the B complex.

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