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Facts about Vitamin D Overdose

Vitamin D is one of many nutrients needed for a healthy body. However, since too much of anything is not a good thing, excessive amounts of vitamin D in our body can cause numerous side-effects, some worse than the others. In fact, 15 micrograms of this vitamin is enough for our daily needs. Still, we can tolerate anything up to 50 micrograms.

Vitamin D is in charge of calcium regulations. Therefore, many of the side-effects from its overdose are related to too much calcium in our body. We can get vitamin D from several different natural sources, none of which may offer amounts necessary for one to go overboard with this vitamin. We get vitamin D from exposure to sun, eating fish and fortified milk, as well as from some other sources. Yet, these contain too little of this vitamin for us to overdose from. Thus, most overdose cases take place due to taking too many vitamin D supplements in forms of oil capsules and cod liver.

Vitamin D Overdose Manifestations

Since, vitamin D is tightly connected with calcium levels in our body, overdose would indicate a series of digestive problems such as nausea, abdominal pain and vomiting. Constipation and absence of appetite are quite common as well. Renal conditions may be a possible scenario in cases of this type of vitamin overdose, since excessive calcium may easily lead to the creation of kidney stones, increased urination, thirst, as well as permanent kidney damage. One's lungs may suffer from excessive calcium deposits too, and anorexia may also be a possible outcome of vitamin D overdose.

Additionally, muscles in one's body may suffer severely due to this condition and a person troubled by it may feel muscle pain and experience weakness, cramps, stiffness and control problems regarding their muscle mass.

Furthermore, a person's heart is affected by this overdose. Rhythmic irregularities, heart conditions and high blood pressure are just some of the possible scenarios. Since this overdose influences nerves and our nervous system in general, loss of sensations as well as hearing loss may take place. If this condition happens during a woman's pregnancy, there might be deformations in the baby, both on the mental and on the physical plan. Finally, irritation, drowsiness and itching in the bones may affect a person who has consumed too much of vitamin D beforehand.

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