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There are many people that have to suffer with a pain in their shoulder on a day to day basis. This can be due to sitting for too long a period behind a desk, sitting incorrectly, an injury, toxicity build up, lifting objects incorrectly and stress. Many people will complain that they just can’t seem to shift the pain from their shoulder and it can quite often be rather bad and cause them a lot of discomfort. You can, of course, try a cold pack, a hot pack and medication but how does a massage sound.

The Shoulder Massage – Getting Ready

Having a shoulder massage with the correct techniques applied can give you relief from pain. If the pain is due to stress then it will work in two folds. The person needs to lay down on a matt and also with a pillow under their chest bone. You will also need to place a towel under their forehead so their body can be in a straight line. It is also advisable to put another pillow under their ankles so as not to apply pressure on their lower back.

Applying Oil

You will first nee to apply oil to the person’s body as it will work as a medium and permit your hands to run smoothly across the areas thus preventing any further stretching of the muscle. You will only need a little oil and rub it into the palms of your hands to warm it up a little. Now using smooth, long stokes you can slide your hands along their shoulders, neck and the back if needed to apply the oil.Muscle Lifts

Now that the oil has been applied you can begin the massage by having your fingers straight and spread out your thumbs. Now you can begin to lift the muscles of the person’s back gently. This will be performed by using a motion that simulates turning with your wrists and start to get into a rhythm. Now you can go from the back up to the upper arms and over the shoulders. You can change the pressure depending on what the person wants and it is advisable that you follow a pattern on one side and then repeat it on the other side so as to make sure you cover all areas. You can also gently put your hands into a fist and use your knuckles for a deeper pressure.

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