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When people are extremely physically active or have the some kind of physical trauma, they can experience muscle pain that is hard to bear and in those cases, it is recommended to go to a deep tissue massage. This type of massage can help them relieve the pain and relax their muscles more effectively. It is very good for improving blood circulation and releasing the tensed muscles. This technique is intensive, slow and it is applied on the painful places. In this article, we will tell you something more about these techniques including how to perform them in the right manner.

Technique number one

A technique that is often used and very easy to perform consists of pressing those places that are painful and moving your hands slowly over these places. However, the pressure that you are applying on these areas shouldn't be very weak, but you should press a bit harder so that the massage could be effective.

Technique number two

This technique involves using hands to press intensively the areas that are painful and knots that are usually present because the person sleeps in an uncomfortable pose or is sitting for too long.

Technique number three

This technique involves the usage of different tools that can be made of different materials. These tools are used because they are sometimes more effective than hands. They can help you relax your muscles and relieve the pain that you are experiencing. As you can see, these techniques are very similar and they are all relying on putting pressure on the affected areas in order to relax muscles and remove muscle knots.

Proper way to give a massage

A person should lie on the stomach, while the bed that he or she is on should be very firm. You have to be in a position that allows you to touch every part of the person's back without much effort. You can stand or kneel beside the person, whatever is easier for you, and put one hand on the lumbar area of the back and the other hand on the upper area, over the heart. Using your thumbs press both sides of the spine and move your fingers upwards to the neck. You can use massage oil to have less skin resistance. Press sides of the spine with your palms, move them down to the hips, and then do the same in reverse. Your hands should be on the person's shoulders at the end. The best thing to do if you have problems with sports injury is to see a professional for this type of the massage.

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