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Introduction to Back Massage

There is a slim chance there is a person alive who doesn't love a good back rub. Even though everyone cannot be a professional massager, it is not necessary to go to a massage school to learn to give an incredible back massage.

The Steps of a Back Massage

The first step to giving a good massage is having a person comfortable and laying on his/her stomach on a massage bed or similar surface. The massager must be in a position such as to be able to reach out to every bit of the person's body without straining oneself.

When the massager is above or aside the person, he is to place one of his hands on the lower back while the other is to be placed in between the shoulder blades (alternately above the heart). Pressure is to be applied with both thumbs to warm up the person's back. The massage should start at the lower bits of the back, and work its way up towards the shoulders rather than the other way around.

Use gentle strokes to spread the massage oil. The first stroke should be one, long thick stroke along the entire back. The oil is then to be spread alongside either side of the spine, and then the other. It is highly recommended not to remove the hand from the person's back at any time, but rather slide from area to area when it is necessary.

Additional attention should be given to areas that feel extra stiff and tight – also known as knots. If the massager is able to relax those knots, the massaged person will feel extra relaxed. The movements are to be circular and clockwise, as the fingertips are to be closer to the muscles closer to the spine and shoulder blades since those are the two most tense areas. It is also good to rotate the arms, one at a time, in order to loosen as well as relax the shoulders, which in turn stimulates and enhances the blood flow.

Health Benefits of Back Massage

There is a great number of benefits to be gained from a good back rub, a few of which are:

increased relaxation

improved circulation

increased body awareness, and last but not least

improved lymphatic drainage for release of toxins.

Another thing to note whilst giving a back rub is absolutely never to apply any direct pressure to the spine; it is also recommended to avoid broken skin and possible infected areas.

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