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In today’s world everyone feels they need more time to relax, the hustle and bustle of the working parent’s life is commendable but they really do need to make some time for themselves. Everyone knows for massages and the glorious wonders of spas. But there are not a lot of you who have heard of and tried a reflexology massage therapy treatment. It is renowned for being highly relaxing and greatly beneficial.


Reflexology can be dated back as far as over five thousand years ago, so it is a wonder that it is still practiced today and not many people are aware of its potential health benefits. In the year 1913 a man named Dr. William Fitzgerald found reflexology massage therapy in America and after that the techniques were then developed more and more.

How Does Reflexology Massage Therapy Work

The technique is about applying pressure to the pressure points on the person’s feet and/or hands in different areas and with different amounts of pressure. This will correlate to parts of the person’s body in which they have problems with. Dr William Fitzgerald found that when he puts pressure to the hands, feet and even ears at different intervals he experienced immediate relief in whatever area of his body he was concerned with, for example a headache, or a stomach ache. Now after many years the practice of reflexology massage therapy has been improved and adapted to apply pressure and massage the areas.

The Benefits Of Reflexology Massage Therapy

There are the several benefits that this technique of reflexology massage therapy can provide for a person. It can act as a stress reliever which everyone can appreciate especially in today’s busy world. The therapist will put pressure on the hands and/or feet and the person will immediately feel relaxation come over them. This therapy can also improve the flexibility in the hands and feet. For people that suffer with arthritic conditions, this therapy feels like heaven. Reflexology massage therapy is also used as a pain reliever and this is one of the main reasons why people take part in this therapy. Individuals have stated that they feel a reduction in the pain they had in the back and some also have stated that their migraines dissipated after having reflexology massage therapy. Many people tend to go through modern medicine first but find there is no relief and lastly turning to reflexology and find the results and immediate and highly effective.

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