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Waiting for the Baby

Many future mothers wait for theirbabies euphorically. They simply cannot wait and plan every second oftheir labor in their minds, living it through and through, burningwith desire to see their baby in their arms. However, many times, thedate when they were supposed to give birth passes without a thinghappening. Then, usually, future mothers get a bit discouraged andparanoid, sad because their child is not born yet. This birthprolongation has become more and more common these days, and expertsclaim that this is due to a hectic, stressful life we lead, creatingimbalances in our organisms.

Nevertheless, there are some methodswhich can help and stimulate the onset of labor in pregnant women.Massage is one of them. Quite a popular method, massaging specificareas of a pregnant woman's body, can trigger labor or speed it up.It is a safe and relaxing way telling your baby it is time and manymothers-to-be opt for it. Thus, without further ado, let us find outwhich massages are these.

Labor-inducing Massages

First of all, you can start with footmassage. Massaging a pregnant woman's feet can result in uterusstimulation and therefore the onset of contractions. There are somespots on feet, known to affect the actions of specific glands in afemale's body, resulting in labor induction. One group of these spotsare lower ankles, where applying circular massage for about 20minutes may cause the above mentioned uterus phenomenon. Also, if youpress the big toe for about 5 minutes, you might experience the sameresults.

While still at the legs, shinbonemassage is also a very good method since it may trigger the openingof the cervix. Thus, by gently moving your hand along the inner sidesof the woman's leg, you will be able to find this bone and, once youdo, press the part where it is located, hold it for a minute and thendo the same with the other leg, after waiting for about 20 minutes.

Additionally, massaging the woman'shands, the part between the thumb and the index finger, that is, mayalso result in the onset of contractions. Use gentle, circulatorymovements and repeat them for 20 minutes.

Finally, sometimes relaxation iscrucial for starting the labor. Once, the future mother turnssideways, while lying, of course, give her a back massage, includingthe shoulders. Then, once you find a boneless spot between theshoulder muscles and the collar bone, apply pressure there. Also,nipple massage is known to be useful for these purposes as well.Massage the outer circle of the woman's nipple gently, for 5 minutesin order to induce labor.

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