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Say goodbye to neck pain

A perfect way for relaxing tight muscles, and removing tension and stiffness of the muscles in the neck and shoulder area is massaging. Stiffness of the neck muscles can be caused by few triggers ; stress, heavy workouts, bent back and so on. We are going to discuss over some techniques of the massage which can come in handy if this problem is present.

Self massages that can help

If you don’t have time to pay a visit to a professional masseur here are some tips how to perform massage by yourself, at home. First of all, usage of the oils especially made for massages is recommended. First type of massage considers massaging of the shoulder area, by squeezing and kneading one with the hand of opposite side of the body. This should be repeated of the both sides.

Second type of the massage involves neck area and it’s performed by fingers’ moving circularly on the back side of the neck, and both left and right side. Good test for checking whether our muscles are tight or not, is too press strongly this area with the finger (If it makes feeling which is hard then its tight).

Third type of the massage considers clasp hold of hands placed tightly on the back side of the neck and gently pushing forward. It is recommendable to stay in this position for few seconds. This massage also should be repeated few times.

Fourth technique of the massage is gentle holding the back of the neck with one hand, then squeezing neck strongly to relax muscle tissue. After this section, shoulders must be shrugged , so that they are near the ears. After holding that way for five seconds, return your body to normal position.

Fifth self massage technique, rather exercise with stretching, makes our neck feel relaxed. It relaxes stiff neck muscles reliving the tension from them, and that way reduces the pain. Performing this massage, one should firstly look forward, then slowly turn head to the right side, and after that on the left side. After repeating this process for several times, a similar exercise should be performed, only this time, head should be moved backward and forward.

If daily repeated, these massage techniques and exercises guarantee relief of the neck pain, as well as removal of the tension from the muscle tissue. Advantage of this massages is that they provide comfort, since you can do it by yourself and anywhere you want.

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