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Massage was mentioned in the early days of Ayurvedicmedicine, and many philosophers spoke highly about this relaxations technique. Warmmassage oils will benefit both your mind and body, relaxing and invigoratingyou. Ayurveda considers massage with the warm massage oils a healing techniquethat could correct some of the problems in the body and mind. The massage is agood way to get rid of the toxins and stress from your body.

Oil Massage Benefits

The oil massage will increase the circulation of themassaged area of the body, improve the look of your skin, help you to sleepbetter and promote the general good health of your body. It also affects themuscle tone and might relieve joint problems. All the problems and pains in thebody might be gone after an arm oil massage, you will be much calmer and morefocused, and have more energy for your everyday tasks.

Massage Oils

When choosing the massage oil, always use the one that is the organic, pesticide free and cold pressed, if possible. You might add a coupleof drops of essential oils to the basic massage oil, and make it a properaromatherapy experience.

Choose the oil to suit your skin. If you don’t know whichone is the best for you, try several different basic oils to find out.

The most commonly used massage oils are:

Almond oil – is recommended for its anti-inflammatoryproperties, especially for dry skin.

Apricot kernel oil – stress reliever massage oil, good foraged skin.

Avocado oil – quite heavy oil and should always be useddiluted with some other massage oil.

Borage oil – helpful to treat eczema and acne, because ofthe deep penetration.

Castor oil – detoxifying oil, also used to treat the scars.

Coconut oil – warm it before use, beneficial for very dryskin.

Grapeseed oil – non-allergenic oil, suitable for all skintypes.

Jojoba oil – also good for acne and eczema.

Kukui nit oil – has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidantproperties.

Olive oil – warms the skin and relieves rigidity.

Massage Instructions

Whether you choose professional or self-massage it wouldhave the same benefits.

Warm up the oil, it shouldn’t be too hot, just slightlywarmed. Sip some of the oil to your hands and apply the oil onto the wholebody. Leave it for couple of minutes to be absorbed by the body and then startthe massage. Use your fingers and palms to perform circular and straight moves.Adapt the pressure according to the part of the body you are massaging, and payclose attention to the hands and feet, which contain many nerve endings thanother parts of the body.

After the massage take a warm bath or shower to removeexcess oil from the skin.

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