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Massage is an ancient skill designed to relieve stress, pain, discomfort and other negative aspects of people's lives, through manipulation of the deep tissues of the skin and muscles. Massage is a word derived from many languages, meaning that this is a discipline rooted deep in our history. Kneading, friction, touching, dough etc, all are words which are incorporated into the word massage. Thus, it is one delicate, artistic, process which is more than beneficial.

Massaging involves exposing one's body to vibrations, movements, tension, motion, pressure and other methods, using solely one's hands or some assisting devices. During massages, a person's muscles, tendons, fascia, skin, joints and many other body parts can be targeted.

As far as the masseur/masseuse's body parts involved in the massage process are concerned, hands, feet, elbows, fingers and knees are just some of these, since there are more than eighty different massage methods.

Even though massage is older than many other health disciplines practiced today, it is still considered to be less effective. Regardless, numerous people get their problems treated with massage, particularly after many other medical methods have failed to offer them help.

What Massage Type to Choose?

Many would neglect the fact that proper massage technique is necessary for the very effectiveness of the massaging process. However, keep in mind that an inadequate massage procedure can even be harmful for you, if you do not need it. Thus, know what is the right massage technique for you and experience only positive things from massages.

Speaking of different massage types, some of the most popular are shiatsu, reiki, connective tissue massage, acupressure, infant massage, Thai massage, rofing and myofascial release. However, there are plenty more to choose from.

More on Specific Massage Type

Acupressure, being one of the most popular massage styles, was derived from acupuncture. Therefore, it is based on pressure points, which are stimulated by applying pressure onto them and their surroundings. Elbows, knees or hands are used in the process. Moreover some massage practitioners use special aids in order to deliver the massage correctly. Acupressure is incredibly effective, relieving people of pain and aches, treating nausea and bleeding as well.

Apart from using pressure upon certain points on one's body, acupressure also concentrates on implementing light massage on specific parts of the tissue, improving the circulation and relaxing the muscles.

Acupressure has become one of the most popular massage styles practiced today. This is due to its capability of improving pain relief and instant relaxation, among many other benefits.

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