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Problems in Neck

The main purpose of a massage is to manipulate deep layers of muscles and surrounding tissues in order to restore functionality, promote healing, and aid in tension release. Massage can be performed with bare hands or using mechanical instruments. Also, the pressure which is created in order to relax the problematic area is reached by producing motions or vibrations. Finally, massage can be structured or unstructured, depending on the issue or the type of therapist. Aside from treating muscles, massage is employed in medicating various organs, mainly from the gastrointestinal tract, lymphatic vessels, skin, joints, connective tissue, ligaments, and tendons. A massage therapist who does not opt for using mechanical massage tools provides services via hands, feet, fingers, elbows, knees, and forearms. As far as the effectiveness of massage goes there have not been any clinical trials showing positive or negative outcomes of the process, but massage therapists are in demand which in its own right implies their work is producing desired results. Massages are performed while the client is on the floor, in a massage chair, or on a table. There is usually no clothing covering the area which is being treated while the client is usually covered by sheets or towels. In order to provide registered therapeutic massages a practitioner needs to be licensed.

Neck Massage Can Help

Many individuals, including those with no underlying medical conditions, enjoy neck and shoulder massages. In today’s day and age most people spend their time hunched over computers or desks so having a massage every once in a while is highly enjoyable. Neck and shoulder massage leaves a client feeling less stressed, less tense, and more relaxed. Sometimes massages are used to alleviate pain in the upper back and neck.

In many instances people do not have the time to go to a massage parlor but there are, however, some simple steps that anyone can take in order to give a friend or a family member a massage. In case an individual wishes to attempt giving a neck or a shoulder massage the person who is on the receiving end should sit comfortably in a chair. If the individual possesses a massage table, it can be used as well, or just a soft mat spread out on the floor will do the job. The person being massaged needs to take deep breaths in order to aid the relaxation process.

Further, the masseur is supposed to knead the two muscles on each side of the neck starting with fairly little pressure and increasing it as time goes on. Other than on the sides of the neck, the pressure also has to be applied on the back of it with the head of the receiver leaning forward. At the base of the skull the person giving a massage should use the thumbs and index finders in order to make small circles, further relaxing the person. Squeezing of the neck can also be very beneficial. Another way to give a neck and shoulder massage to a person lying down is to start by turning their head gently in one direction. Many certified massage therapists advise to begin by kneading the chest muscles because the chest muscles are connected to the back muscles which are on the same level. Once the chest muscles relax so will the back muscles. Next, while the head is still turned the masseur should slightly rub the neck muscles first on one side and then on the other when the head is turned the other way. The tips of the fingers are usually used in this type of procedure. In the latter phases of the massage firmer strokes should be used to glide along the muscles in order to relieve tension and relax them. Starting at the center of the neck, the person’s fingers should move over to the shoulders and the upper part of the back because the source of tension may be in more than one place. Once the shoulders and the neck relax the stiffness loses its grip and the pain or tension starts to disappear.

Unless there is an underlying medical problem causing upper back and neck pain, a simple massage should be sufficient to solve problems. It is generally advised that individual experiencing prolonged pain consult a primary health care provider in order to rule out or diagnose any possible conditions. There are also some companies which provide massages as part of the insurance plans for employees, especially if the work requires some form of physical labor or standing on their feet the whole day. Aside from massages, stretching exercises can also eliminate painful and stiff muscles, and make them relax. Yoga, for instance, is a great form of exercise for the purpose of relaxing the body and relieving tension. Deep breaths can also help in the process.

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