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Abdomen is a large part of our body where most of ours vital organs are situated. For that reason, the abdominal pain is the most common pain in the human beings, and the most frequent as well, since any disorder of the organs placed in this area is manifested through the pain. The abdomen contains our vital organs like the liver and the kidneys, as well as the spleen and the pancreas. The abdominal wall can be divided into the posterior, anterior and lateral walls, and thus we have four quadrants of the abdomen.

When dull pain appears in the abdomen, it may vary in severity depending on the cause, which can be either minor or severe. While mild abdominal pain is just temporary and goes away without any treatment, severe abdominal pain may lasts for a while and may even recur, which requires a medical treatment then. In most cases, dull pain in the abdomen comes from the digestive system and then expands to the other adjacent areas.

Symptoms of abdominal pain

The people who suffer from dull abdominal pain may have problems to perform daily activities due to this pain because it brings many discomforts. Apart from the pain which is severe and persistent, the person quite often experiences abdominal cramping and fever, as well as burning kind of pain. The stomach tenderness followed by diarrhea and presence of blood in the stools, or black and tarry stools, are also some of the symptoms that may appear along with dull abdominal pain.

Causes of dull abdominal pain

Dull abdominal pain can be induced by numerous reasons, such as appendicitis, miscarriage and stomach ulcers. Any infection of the gallbladder and presence of the gallstones are also some of the common culprits for the appearance of dull pain in the abdominal area. Furthermore, the stones that are formed in the kidneys may also be responsible for the outbreak of the sudden sharp pain in the left or right side of the abdomen.

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, as well as stomach cancer and pancreatic cancer, are also conditions that are quite likely to cause the dull pain in the abdominal region. Indigestion, food poisoning, constipation and diarrhea are also some of the triggers for the occurrence of dull abdominal pain. Urinary tract infections and pelvic inflammatory disease have dull pain in this area as a symptom. Other possible causes for dull abdominal pain are stomach flu, cancer of the immune cells, liver cancer and ectopic pregnancy.

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