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Lower left abdominal pain locates to the left, vertically down to just under the waist line. Common causes of lower left abdominal pain are diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, left kidney stone, left kidney infection, disease, ulcerative colitis, left ectopic pregnancy, left ovarian disease, and infection of the left fallopian tubes in women.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm: The large blood vessel aorta causes strong central abdominal pain, which typically spreads to the back, it is manifested with sudden collapse, pale face, cold and blood pressure drop.

Bowel Cancer: Cancer might cause the left side of the bowel. The symptoms include weight loss, change in bowel habit, poor appetite, and feeling or weak.

Bowel Obstruction: Causes left abdominal pain, and the symptoms are griping or cramping, vomiting, a distension of the abdomen. If the obstruction is total, they will be no feces passage and wind.

Constipation: Chronic constipation causes abdominal pain. It manifests as inability to pass faces as usual, feeling of bloated, without weight loss.

Crohns Disease: This includes inflammatory bowel diseases and it mimics so many other causes of abdominal pain, and is a chronic problem.

Diverticulitis: The most common cause of lower left abdominal pain, and is rare on the right side, often with older, causing nagging pain in the lower abdomen.

Ectopic Pregnancy: Ectopic pregnancy usually presents as lower right or left side abdominal pain. The pain is sharp, and may be associated with vaginal bleed. It might be followed by dizziness, shoulder tip pain, and weakness. If it happens as the fetus grows, it could causes massive blood loss and can be life threatening.

Endometriosis: The presence of normal womb tissue outside the womb and it can cause lower left abdominal pain.

Food Poisoning: Causes feeling of vomiting or actual vomiting, plus or minus fever from contamination of food with chemical gents.

Henoch-Schönlein-purpura: It is a very rare and it affects less than 200,000 people in the United States. Other symptoms include purple spots on the skin, joints and kidney problems.

Hernia: If a hernia occurs on the left side, it could cause lower left abdominal pain and or bowel Obstruction

IBS: Irritable bowel syndrome IBS characterizes by cramping abdominal pain, bloating, gas, passing of little hard stools.

Kidney Stone: The pain is as sudden onset severe pain, comes in waves, spreads down to the lower abdomen and thigh. There may be a vomiting involved, plus or minus passage of small frequent urine.

Kidney Infection or Pyelonephritis: Infection of the kidney on the left side could cause pain, unwell, and vomiting, with this pain it gets worse on the lower back. It increases in the frequency of passing urine.

Ovarian Cyst (Twist or Rupture): Pain from the ovaries usually spread towards the thighs too, and may be moderate to severe left side pain and it brings no fever, no change in appetite, but the patient may be rolling in pain.

Psoas Abscess: Some infection for example in the kidney could cause Psoas Abscess, in cases of tuberculosis, there could be swelling and lower left abdominal pain, it manifests lose weight, poor appetite, night sweats.

Rectus Sheath Haematoma: This occurs when one of the blood vessels damages lower left side abdominal pain.

Sigmoid volvulus: Causes of large bowel obstruction especially with older. The symptoms would be sudden lower left abdominal pain, and inability to open the bowel.

Transverse colon volvulus: It involves the transverse colon causes left abdominal pain and cause symptoms like those of intestinal obstruction it could be fatal.

Trapped Wind: Excess wind or trapped wind in the stomach causes lower or even upper left abdominal pain. The symptoms include bloated, cramping abdominal pain, wind noises.

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