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Causes of Lower Abdomen Pain

Pain in the lower abdomen occurs in the form of annealing, the occasional penetrating and stubbing pain or pressure in the pelvis. Lower abdomen pain may be acute that lasts for several days or weeks, or chronic which lasts for several months. It can be caused by gynecological problems and other factors which are not related to gynecological disorders.
Pelvic pain, caused by gynecological factors, begins in the lower part of the abdomen and may spread even to the shoulders. There are more possible reasons for the pain occurrence. It may be a consequence of ovulation, inflamed pelvis bottom, accumulated blood in the abdomen and uterine cramping during spontaneous abortion. There are many possible causes, so any stronger pain in the lower part of the abdomen, which cannot be attributed to menstruation should be considered serious.

Also, pelvis pain may occur due to the digestive tract diseases (inflammation of the intestines, hernia, etc), urinary tract diseases (acute or chronic kidney inflammation, stones or sand, cysts and tumors) and loco-motor system disorders. Lower abdominal pain may also be caused by depression and hypochondria.

Pain may be caused by diverticulosis. In this case, pain is usually in the form of cramps, especially after meals or effort, which spontaneously calm and then re-occur.

Pain in the lower abdomen may be the result of reflective pain from the spine and sometimes the hips.

Although relatively rare, pelvic pain may occur due to aortic aneurysm (enlargement of lower part or the whole abdominal aorta).

The doctor should determine type of pain on the basis of careful examination and a number of laboratory findings. Women with acute pain in the pelvic area are often subjected to the sudden surgical removing of some abdominal change (appendicitis, cysts or stones in the ureter). The doctor will decide with precise tests if surgery is needed.

The most common causes of pain in the pelvis are sexual diseases such as gonorrhea and chlamydia, unprotected sexual intercourse, abortion and the use of intrauterine cartridges.

In the case that the pain is caused by bacteria, the infection can be successfully cured with antibiotics, if it is discovered on time.

Lower Abdomen Pain and Infertility

Lower abdomen pain is associated with infertility. Experts have found that about 12 percent of patients with pelvic pain are infertile. The pelvic pain, however, can cause a blockage of one or both fallopian tubes, which consequently may prevent the egg from meeting sperm. Damaged fallopian tubes is difficult to cure, and the consequences of inflammation can be manifested as infertility.

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